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Nettie Moore - Under Red Sky 1865
(photo overlay Toronto, 2006)

bob65 was a 2007 solo exhibit for Toronto's annual festival of photography. Referencing CONTACT's theme that year of "The Constructed Image", the artist explored portraiture, aging, identity, image and bob's role in her own life through photographs she took of Dylan in concert in 1965, when he was 24, and in 2006, when he was 65.

This photo in two versions was inspired by bob the civil war buff.

Row O, Massey Hall
(photo, Toronto, 1965)

In November 1965 at Massey Hall, the young bob played acoustic in the first half, and then 'went electric' with the Hawks (later the Band) in the second half.

This 1965 photo salvaged from her b/w snapshots of the concert with a barely there baby bob was the catalyst for taking the photographs of bob at age 65.

bob electric
(photo, London 2006)

Forty-one years on, another November, another 65, substituting the keyboard for the guitar...bob still electrifies.

bob t'ruth
(photo, New York 2006)

Using context, colour and detail, some photographs evolved through composite imagery to reflect 'bob truth': the philosophical/poetic blending of myth and reality in a simultaneously edifying/elusive manner.

Art and life's illusive truths are pondered by the artist and bob in a stroll in the East Village on Thanksgiving Day 06.

bob's bow
(photo, London 2006)

As with painted portraiture, detail can be selective to emphasize a mood or quality.

The grace of aging true to one's passion...

The Dumpster Story
(photo collage, 1969, 2007)

The young artist with a collage of her bob drawings and the lost bob painting which she threw into a dumpster behind Rochdale in 1970 (after X said: "it's fine, but it's not Rembrandt'). She did not paint for years after.

Raven at my window...
(acrylic on canvas, 2007)

The artist's first attempt to paint bob after the dumpster ditch is stopped before it begins...

It ain't me: Bob
(acrylic on canvas, 2007)

and another attempt failed...

Sugar Baby Bob
(acrylic on canvas, 2007)

and another attempt failed...

Rembrandt Bob
(photo, London, 2006)

and then Rembrandt arrives by accident singing Not Dark Yet in this photo. The chiaroscuro signature of the Dutchman is captured by pure chance through shifting stage lighting and underexposure.

(photo, London 2006)

The song and dance man...
enjoying the London crowd

tambourine man
(photo with line doodle 2006)

Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky...
with one hand waving free...

(photo New York, 2006)

MacDougal Street...
looking out at breakfast from the Washington Square Hotel...

bob under the elm
(photo New York, 2006)

Washington Square Park...
Bob waits under the Hangman's Elm, planted circa 1665

bob wha?
(photo New York, 2006)

MacDougal Street again...
Bob passes by the Cafe Wha?

broadway bob
(photo New York, 2006)

Times Square...
times, they are changing

masters of war
(photo New York, 2006)

Times Square again...
a new singer sings an old song...

hard rain
(photo New York/London, 2006)

Thanksgiving from a taxi window...
a hard New York rain meets a soft London moment...

all works and images © ruth hartman
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