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Waiting in Arles
(Acrylic on Canvas)

A waiter and weary companion hover in the moments when one's expectations can run high, low or away.

Arles Twins Dine
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Two ladies of a certain age stood and paused in the doorway of a tiny restaurant in Arles, France, and their anachronistic grace on entering and later, when dining, brought an unexpected warmth and contentment to their and our surroundings.

Arles Twins Enter, Diptych
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Arles Cell 1
(Acrylic on Canvas)

In contrast, a cell user cloaks every encounter with invisible walls in the now universal posture of public indifference.

Arles Cell 2
(Acrylic on Canvas)

Letter to my Love
(Acrylic on Canvas)

A little girl nonchalantly skips along on her way to somewhere, reciting the nursery rhyme with that little twist of fate, maybe happy, maybe sad - "I wrote a letter to my love, and on the way I dropped it...a little boy picked it up and put it in his pocket."

all works and images © ruth hartman
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