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Rock, Deception Island
Acrylic/Canvas (36"x48"/91.4x121.9)

Siege - Quebec City 2001
Acrylic/Canvas (18"x24"/45.7x60.9)

Siege - New York City - 2001
Acrylic/Canvas (18"x24"/45.7x60.9)

The Game
photo collage (16"x20"/40.6x50.8)

Acrylic/Canvas (12"x12"/30.5x30.5)

Anonymous and Proud Poster
Photograph of L.E.N.S. 2010 visitors

The Have and Have Not Bears
Fired Clay

Broken Hearted, G20 2010
photograph (12"x12"/30.5x30.5)

the point/period
photograph (12"x12"/30.5x30.5)

Silent Sods, 2010 G20
photos (11"x14"/27.9x35.5) 2010

The Ed Thread
Studio Installation for Artsweek03

The Essential Ed
Acrylic/Canvas (9"x12"/22.8x30.5)

No Lady
Acrylic/Canvas (10"x20"/25.4x50.8)

Acrylic/Canvas (30"x40"/76x101)

Dark Chocolate
Acrylic/Canvas (14"x18"/36x 46)

Acrylic/Canvas (12"x24"/30.5x60.9)

MixMedia/Paper (20"x30"/50.8x76.2)

Baghdad Moment
Acrylic/Canvas (8.5"x12"/21.3x30.5)

The Self
Acrylic/Canvas (5"x10"/12.7x25.4)

Acrylic/Canvas (18"x24"/45.7x60.9)

Suffra Jets Beach
MixMedia/Canvas (5"x10"/13x25.4)

Beauty | Libido LLC
MixMedia/canvas (12"x12"/30.5x30.5)

Destinations in Motion - Toronto Bloor St. Banner 2009
MixMedia/paper (7"x14"/17.7x35.5)

The Siege abstracts are from a September 2001 exhibit, "The Wall - From China to Quebec City, 2001", and were in response to the protests at the Summit of the Americas and the collapse of the World Trade Centre.

The Ed Thread was part of an interactive installation in September 2003, featuring the life of the artist coinciding with that of Ed Mirvish (1914-2007), the owner of Honest Ed's emporium, theatrical entrepreneur and Toronto citizen extraordinaire. The Essential Ed was inspired by a lost photograph taken by the artist in 2005 when he was given a key to the city outside her studio.

Blindness, inspired by the "Dog of Tears" in the book by Jose Saramago, is dedicated to the late Patti Fuhrman, and her dog, Salty. The images of Kathleen Finlay and Alec Nicol are memories of two beautiful artists.

Kelly is dedicated to a local runaway who did not survive the streets. Baghdad Moment is an image of humanity in the face of war, from a photo taken of Marla, a young American who went to Iraq to help local civilians and died with them in a car bomb attack in 2005.

The children in Musickinde were observed on the subway in Berlin.

Two photo collages - Broken... and Silent sods - reflect two sad days in Toronto's history during the billion dollar G20 summit in June 2010. In a third, The Game, using three photos taken in Greenland and Iceland in 2013, the game of tic-tac-toe, and a boast made in the Chinese bid for the 2008 Olympics, the artist invites contemplation of our own hubristic role in interpreting 'ecological change' as just another 'game of chance'.

all works and images © ruth hartman
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