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Polar Barn Dance Genealogy Asia Other Images

Badaling, China
Hong Kong Woman
New Territories,HK
Tai-O, Hong Kong~
Cheung-Sam #4~
Shanghai Alley
Xian Girl~
Canal View~
BeijingBlue sketch
Breaking Through...~
Riverview, Japan
Tokyo Visitor
Ceremony/Full Moon,Bali
Three Traders~
Thai Seller
Geisha, Kyoto
Red Geisha
Tokyo Morning

~ = in private collection.

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Images in this series originated in "The Wall", a solo exhibition in September 2001. My focus initially was on boundaries, with images intended to convey both the walls we build and the walls we climb over to explore. My "back" views express both the barriers we create and our shared humanity.

The series has evolved into memory paintings of small vignettes observed when travelling in Asia. I moved from back views to "no faces" to symbolize a shared humanity in sometimes distinct surroundings.

  images © ruth hartman