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Coach House Press, April 15, 1969
Pen and ink on Paper

Greenwich Village 1970
Pen and ink on paper

1973 International Women and Video
Liberation Media | international directory cover

Pen on Paper her own words
Pen/Daisy stem on Paper

Leopard in Tree, South Africa
Pencil on Paper (8"x10"/20.3x25.4)

Pencil on Paper

Nude with Yellow Pillow
Pastels on Paper (20"x30"/50.8x76.2)

Nude with Stripes
Pastels on Paper (20"x30"/50.8x76.2)

Voting Booth c2008
Ink/Paper (7"x9"/17.7x22.8)

Frank Zappa
Pen and ink on paper

"Life studies of the face and body and surroundings provide a window into humanity and individual character. Drawing them never ceases to engage and transport me.

Drawings integral to series work are not included with this random assortment of drawings which managed to escape rough storage, exposure to light and my harsh and quixotic judgments over decades of moves and purges."


images © ruth hartman
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