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Founder School #5
Pen on Paper(7"x9"/17.7x22.8)

Old Man
Pen on Paper (7"x9"/17.7x22.8)

Old Woman
Pen on Paper (7"x9"/17.7x22.8)

E.R.1856 (Eva and Rosina Hartman)
Pen on Paper (8"x10"/20.3x25.4)

Boy William (Wesch)
Pencil/Oil on Paper (5"x7"/12.7x17.8)

Fedora of my Father
Pencil on Paper (8"x10"/20.3x25.4)

Dewson 1
Pencil on Paper (12"x16"/30.5x40.6)

Dewson 2
Pencil on Paper (12"x16"/30.5x40.6)

Rochdale 1970
Pen on Paper

Alec Nicol
Ink/Acrylic/Canvas (7"x9"/17.7x22.8)

Kathleen Finlay, Painter
Pencil on Paper (8"x10"/20.3x25.4)

Rearview 1990
Pencil on Paper

"Life studies of the face and body and surroundings provide a window into humanity and individual character. Drawing them never ceases to engage and transport me.

Several of these drawings were created as part of the Genealogy Series."

all works and images © ruth hartman
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Some images are available in archival limited edition pigment prints. Contact the artist directly for details.